Protect and monetize online music distribution

About Traccks
The world's first online Software As A Service (SaaS) tool for finding and managing copyrights on legal distribution sites and social networks.

It collates viewing statistics on sites such as YouTube so that you can collect revenue from advertising linked to ANY of your content regardless of who uploaded it. It puts the control of your online catalogue at your fingertips by sending automated take down notices to YouTube and Soundcloud as well as iTunes and Spotify.

All of this is done whilst it collects sales links that can then be put on your website, eflyers, Tweets and Facebook posts. Output is in CSV format, so can be used in any marketing or accounting software and can be pre-formatted to fit individual company specifications.

Furthermore, it automatically checks the status of your licences, lets you know if and when they have expired and stores the links to any expired tracks still being sold on legal download sites.




Realtime reports
on piracy

Royalty statements
& licence tracking

iTunes & Spotify
links in CSV format




Bitly Bitmarks
in CSV format

Marketing tools
for your catalogue

It's the wild west out there and
Traccks is the sure way to keep tabs on millions of titles

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